Deep Creek Ranch, Inc.

We are a small family ranch that believes in local farm to table agriculture.
From Our Family To Yours!

We never use artificial growth stimulants or routinely give antibiotics. Our animals are born and bred on our ranch using specific crosses to develop animals that prosper on only the foods nature provides. Humane treatment keeps our animals stress free and healthy. 


Whole, half, or quarter portions of beef are available! When you make a purchase you receive a corresponding percentage of all of the cuts of meat. If you do not have a group interested in purchasing, we can add you to a group. Once 100% sold and paid for, we will deliver to our local processor. You work with the processor directly to customize your cuts of meat, and how you would like it portioned and packaged. 

(Click here for “How to buy”).

The Ranch is located at 6710 Lake Winona Road, De Leon Springs, FL. 

If you'd like to visit just give us a Call at 386-736-1887. 

We'll be sure someone is at the barn to meet you. Use the 'Contact Us' button to send any questions.
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Humane and gentle handling of our cattle promotes their health and well being
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Thank You To Our New Customers!
Jim & Lori
"The beef is so good. I’m making chili tonight despite the heat"

Aaron & Family

Kevin & Family
"Just wanted to let you know we’re very pleased with the beef. The flavor is great. Dealing with Otis was a pleasure."

Thank You & Welcome Back To Friends!
April & Family
"We are excitedly looking forward to another year filled with top notch, prim+ quality beef!"
and Paula
We are glad to hear you're happy with the beef