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Frequently Asked Questions
Our sales of Beef on the Hoof are typically to a small group, who may not know each other, perhaps each wanting a quarter. We aggregate orders until the entire animal is sold. We deliver the beeve to the local processor   The buyers of the beeve give their instructions directly to the processor, then pick up their portion when it is packaged and frozen.

We feed no artificial supplements to our beef stock, and do not use antibiotics or add hormones.  We are currently putting together orders for shares of a beeve, so please Contact Us and we'll get right back to  you with information on how to purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How much freezer space do I need?

For a ¼ of a beeve (we call it a "split half" as you are dividing the cuts of meat with the other purchaser of that half of the beeve) you will need approximately 5-8 cubic feet of freezer space.

2.   How much actual beef do I get?

The average beeve will weight about 900 - 1000 lbs live weight.  This will produce about 420 lbs of usable processed meat.  The exact amount will depend on the cuts that you choose, length of aging (more waste if you go over two weeks), and time of year (winter beeves are leaner; summer and fall are fatter). If you want oxtail, meat from the head, organ meats, neck and feet, you will end up with more net weight. Here’s another method:  
•  Hanging weight approx 60% of live weight
•  Processed weight approx 40% of live weight

3.    How much does the meat cost? 
The price for your share of the steer depends on how much you plan to buy.
A split half - 3.15/lb, live weight at our barn, deposit of: $787.50
2. A half- 2.95/lb, live weight at our barn, deposit of: $1475.00
3. A whole- 2.75/lb, live weight at our barn, deposit of: $2750.00

(FYI, processing costs about $.55 per pound, and a one-time flat fee of $60.00, divided among the purchasers of the animal.  This ends at about $8.15 a pound.  Compare to prices for organic, grass fed (not industrial) beef.

4.   Should I buy a whole, a half or a split half?  
A half should feed a family of four beef lovers for a year. A split half is fine for that family if they vary their diet a good deal. If you order a split half the cuts are mostly predetermined. (See below)  If you are ordering a 1/2 or a whole, you will go over the cutting and packaging instructions with the processor.  They can help guide you to decide which cuts are best for you and any others buying with you.

5. How do I get my meat?  
When your meat is ready for pickup, the processor will let you know and you will pick it up at their location. You'll need to bring coolers if you are traveling over an hour or so. Less than that, the frozen meat will only lightly thaw. Bring some old blankets to throw over the boxes, and keep them out of the sun while you drive. 

6.  What cuts could be in a half?
Ground Beef
Boneless Chuck Roast
Delmonico/Rib-Eye Steaks
1/2 Brisket
Short Ribs
Skirt Steak
Hanging Tender
Minute Steaks
Sirloin Tip Roast
Silver Tip Steaks
Rolled Rump Roast
Round Steaks
London Broil
Bottom Round Roast
Eye Round Roast
Stew Meat
Soup Bones
Dog Bones (as available)

Organ meats - liver, heart, kidneys, medula (as available)  If you want tongue, ask the processor.

Cuts in quarter of a beeve will differ as some pieces don't divide down that small.  

Delmonico steaks    
Who says grass-fed has no marbling?
Savory Steaks
Juicy Burgers

Beef!  It's What's For Dinner