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You're not interested in making a grass fed beef purchase because you want what's standard.

Grass fed cattle require plenty of rich green grass and forage to reach a proper level of finish to produce quality beef for your table. That's not to say that a producer might not harvest at any time. The key word is quality.  

We've incorporated science, not guess work, to ensure that beef carrying the Deep Creek name is held to the highest standard. 

Prior to making any harvest no corners should be cut. That's why we hired a licensed specialist, trained and educated by the University of Florida, to utilize ultrasound equipment to grade our grass fed beeves and assess their finish. 

You Have Our Promise
We will do everything we can to bring the highest quality beef to your family table.
Rebecca Weeks
Taking Out the Guess Work
Rebecca uses highly calibrated ultrasound equipment 
The ribeye is a great spot to grade quality
Rains Are Here
Stormy Sunset
Grasses and Forages are Rich and Growing
We are so thankful for the rain!

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